Overcoming the Pollen Season

Writer: Juri A.

Editor: Prashan J.

Have you ever heard about how many people end up with hay fever? According to a TV program, each person has  an empty container-like structure inside their body, and you accumulate substances that can cause hay fever into it. When the container is full, you get hay fever. This means that every person has the potential to get hay fever. However, according to my research, it was not technically a container. You accumulate antibodies created within your own body in reaction to the pollen that gradually accumulates in your body through your eyes and nose. Once the amount of antibodies reach a certain level, a chemical substance causing an allergic reaction is secreted and hay fever symptoms appear.


I, the writer of this article,  have eventually come to the final phase of having a pollen allergy. I define the final phase as when your eyes feel a bit achy and you sneeze sometimes. Once this state gets worse, then you will have hay fever. (Some people who are in this final phase do not realize that they are at risk of getting hay fever and I used to be one of them too! I have not got hay fever yet.)

Now you might say that you do not want to have hay fever! Worry not, as I have researched some tips to prevent hay fever. 

1Being healthy 

It is important to maintain a healthy immune system by getting a night of good sleep and having a good diet. This is also what you have to typically do in order to prevent catching a cold. 

It might be a little hassle for students living by themselves to prepare their meals considering a balance of nutrition every day because it takes lots of time. One TV program featured a student from Tokyo University who does not have normal meals, but nutrition supplements only in order not to waste his time. I do not personally recommend this. However, taking supplements with meals might be a good idea for hectic students.

2 Maintaining a normal mucous membrane

Inflammation in the mucous membrane can trigger and aggravate your hay fever. Here is the bad news for heavy smokers and alcoholics. Smoking and drinking can damage your mucous membrane. If you are at risk of getting hay fever, it is best that you refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol.

3Avoid absorbing pollen

As I mentioned in the introduction, accumulation of pollen causes hay fever. Therefore, the best prevention must be avoiding the absorption of pollen into your body in the first place. So it is important to wear a mask at all times. Shutting windows and doors properly, and wiping off your clothing before entering the house will help a lot as well. I guess because of this covid-19 situation, the occurrence of hay fever might be reduced greatly since we wear masks and even stay at home.

    If you think you might be at risk of getting hay fever, I recommend you get medical treatment as soon as possible. That can help you to hinder the progress of aggravation. It is always better to take action to prevent symptoms at an early stage before you actually get hay fever. I hope this information helps you.


Hay fever 花粉症 (かふんしょう)

Antibodies 抗体 (こうたい)

Pollen 花粉 (かふん)

Mucous membrane (鼻の粘膜) はなの ねんまく

Inflammation 炎症 (えんしょう)

Secrete 分泌(ぶんぴつ)





著者: Juri A.

変更者: Prashan J.

翻訳者: Karen W.



 この記事を書いている私も、結局、花粉症の症状の最終段階まで来ています。私はこの最終段階を、『目が少し痛くなり、時々くしゃみが出るようになること』だと定義しています。この状態がひどくなると、花粉症になります。(この最終段階に入っている人の中には、自分が花粉症になる危険性があることを知らない人もいて、私も以前はその一人でした。 私はまだ花粉症にはなっていないと思っています。)





2 粘膜を正常に保つ




  もし、読者の方で『 花粉症になるかもしれない』と思ったら、早めに医療機関を受診することをお勧めします。そうすることで、悪化の進行を食い止めることができます。実際に花粉症になる前に、早い段階で症状の予防策を講じておくに越したことはありません。この情報があなたのお役に立てれば幸いです。


Hay fever 花粉症 (かふんしょう)

Antibodies 抗体 (こうたい)

Pollen 花粉 (かふん)

Mucous membrane (鼻の粘膜) はなの ねんまく

Inflammation 炎症 (えんしょう)

Secrete 分泌(ぶんぴつ)




Preparing for Winter

Writer: Prashan J.
Editor: Trang D.

Hello everyone! How are you dealing with the weather changes? As the end of fall is nearing and winter is approaching, the cold weather in Japan will certainly cause us to adjust our lifestyles accordingly. For those who are experiencing winter in Japan for the first time or those whose least favorite season is winter, this article will contain helpful tips on how to deal with this harsh season.

From Autumn, when the temperature starts to drop drastically, the first and foremost preparation to make is the closet change. Flannels and windbreakers are the musts for the extreme cold during January and February. Winter is also a good time to show off fashionable outfits while staying warm. One more thing that you must keep in mind during winter is the fluctuation and unpredictability of the temperature. In Japan, it’s generally a good habit to check the temperature before heading outside as winter rain is in fact very common here as well. 

Winter outfits

During winter, you must not forget to take necessary health precautions. Especially for people moving from warm countries, it is important to take extra measures. As the humidity adjustments take time to adapt to, prevention is better than cure. For instance, Influenza or flu is one of the most common illnesses in Japan in winter. Most people have a tendency to catch it in late fall. Additionally, skincare is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as the humidity drops severely when winter comes. Irrespective of gender or age, pocket-sized hand cream and lip balm that are convenient and can be carried anywhere become the most demanding cosmetic products during winter. Moreover, don’t forget to stay hydrated. During winter, the body’s thirst response is lower and we tend to sweat less compared to other seasons. So, you may sometimes be under the wrong assumption that you are better hydrated, which later results in winter dehydration. Insufficient water intake can cause health problems like skin breakouts or peeling. 

Starting from fall, people set out to travel to several tourist attractions around Japan, a country with a phenomenal diversity in nature from mountains to seas. As winter approaches, the tourists start to gather in the colder regions of Japan to enjoy the winter outdoor activities such as snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, ropeways in breathtakingly beautiful locations. Or maybe just relaxing in some hot springs, one of Japan’s most unique destinations in terms of traveling. Hokkaido, Niigata, and Gunma prefectures are the most famous when it comes to such winter activities. Asides from that, the greater Tokyo area starts to put on its festive look with Christmas around the corner. For people with tight schedules, they can go for a short one-day trip to different locations in Tokyo where there is winter illumination. Ebisu and Roppongi Illuminations are very well known among foreign visitors.

Roppongi Hills Illumination

Overall, regardless of how you choose to spend winter or how you deal with the cold, some may still find the conditions of winter somewhat harsh. Nevertheless, it is important to stay warm, healthy and enjoy the winter as much as possible. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have found some useful tips that can make your winter experience a better one!


作者: Prashan J.
編集: Trang D.
翻訳: Riki H.
原文: 英語