Campus Spots for Studying

Writer: Prashan J.
Editor: Audrey S.

To many students, both new to the university and those who are on campus for the first time due to online classes, it may be a challenge to figure out the spots on campus that are ideal for studying. But worry not! In this article, I will discuss the best spots on campus for studying and the pros and cons of each spot.

The university library is one of the best places for studying out of all the places on this list. I interviewed many students about the best spots for studying on campus, and the library itself seemed to be the most popular among students. The library is also my personal favorite spot for studying.

The library is quiet, which makes it an ideal place for studying. For students who want to make use of the books and computers available in the library, there is even more of a reason to consider studying in the library. The library has many tables equipped with power outlets, it is ideal for working on your laptop or other devices.

However, for students who want to study in groups, the library is perhaps not the place to go as students must maintain silence in the library at all times. My best suggestion for students who want to study in groups would be to use the GLS rooms in the English Plaza area which is on the first floor of the same building, just below the library. If you reserve one of these rooms, you can have uninterrupted discussions with your fellow students, and also benefit from the HDMI screens or whiteboards which are available depending on the room.

The auditorium was also a popular choice among students who wish to have a quiet place to study. The auditorium seems to be a quiet place except during lunch or when there is an event such as the orchestra practice going on. However, most of the time, the auditorium is quiet and there are some power outlets that can be used for keeping your laptop charged even though they may not be as plentiful. Much like the library, the auditorium may not be ideal given the structure of the tables and the quiet nature of the place. Please note that reservation is required if students want to use the auditorium when the 2023 Spring semester starts.

Student Plaza and Café Lounge
If you look for a quiet spot to study, the Student Plaza and Café Lounge may not be the best places for studying, especially during the lunch time given that there are many students having lunch during the time. However, on an occasion when you fail to reserve a GLS room in the English Plaza, it could be a good alternative. At the Student Plaza and Café Lounge, these areas and since the table arrangements are more group-friendly, it could work as a good study spot as long as it is not too crowded. Typically early morning or later in the evening, there seem to be fewer students and these places are less noisy. As both the Student Plaza and Café Lounge have adequate power outlets, it will not be difficult to find a place to charge your device.

Japanese Plaza
The Japanese Plaza or usually referred to as J-plaza, is a nice place for studying Japanese and to practice Japanese conversation with Japanese interns, as it is relatively quiet and comfortable with some seats with a window view. I personally like this spot a lot (window view near the automatic door) for my study and it does seem that many students feel the same way given that this spot’s seats are almost always occupied by students. As the J-plaza has very limited seats, it may be hard to ensure that there will always be free seats here. However, if you ever happen to find an open seat here, I recommend you give this spot a try!

The outdoor sitting area next to Building 3
If you prefer to step outside for some fresh air but want to continue studying, this is the spot to go! Sitting out here to study during the autumn or spring can be quite refreshing. However, do keep in mind that this spot does not have many seats, lacks power outlets, and it might get too hot or cold during the summer or winter!

We hope this article will be helpful for your university life!

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