Sharing Baito Experiences

Writer: Juri.A
Editor: Karen W.
Translator: Ezekiel K.

Do you work? Japan is regarded as one of the hardest-working countries in the world. Money is essential for enhancing and adding value to our lives. As a student starting a new life, you always want to have a source of income to keep your lifeline connected. However, beginning something new might be frightening. Even if you have the guts to apply for a part-time job, you could experience anxiety: “What if it’s hard? I don’t want to get into trouble.” These feelings are difficult to get rid of. But after you give things a try, you’ll grow accustomed to them and the barriers will go away. I have had more than ten different part time jobs and I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of business through the experiences of myself and some friends. Please use this as a guide, make the first move, and give it a shot.

※ Keep in mind that the specifics may vary by location and store from what is represented here, so please just use this as a guide.

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  1. Simple part-time job, convenience store

Don’t you picture yourself working as a cashier at a convenience store when you consider part-time jobs? Unfortunately, the author has never worked in sales, therefore I will share my friend’s perspective with you.


  • You may be able to directly find a full-time position at the convenience store’s company when you graduate! (This largely depends on the area or region, but in most cases convenience stores have few number of staff)
  • You can remember the brand of cigarettes (what’s the benefit?)
  • I received food for disposal when I worked the extended night shift (depending on the store, of course).
  • There are stores all over the country, so once you learn a job, you can apply it anywhere.
  • Most stores have self-checkouts, so it is much easier.
  • Easily accept international students
  • There are many stores so you can choose to work at a location near you.
  • You can easily be employed


  • Low hourly wage
  • A lot to remember
  • (Depends on the store.) Shifts are set, with no flexibility.
  • Difficult when crowded.
  • Difficult to remember the names of cigarettes.
  • Difficult to deal with bills and other payments
  • Afraid of robbers(?)

It is advantageous to approach the convenience store company where you work when job hunting, because I once had a major convenience store company ask me in their screening process whether I had worked at a convenience store. Obviously, no; however, HR will be able to inform you if this will benefit you; this should not be a disadvantage.

  1. Restaurants

Restaurant halls are among the most popular part-time jobs available. I’m sure there are family restaurants and upscale restaurants, but here are some general thoughts!


  • Good hourly wage (depending on the store)
  • There are tips
  • You can meet new people
  • Get to be friends with customers
  • You can learn polite japanese expressions and dining etiquette at high-end restaurants
  • You can easily be employed
  • You can have some free time
  • (Depends on the store) You can get cute uniforms.
  • You can learn how to make menus
  • An easy challenge for international students


  • Not worth the hourly rate.
  • Very busy 
  • Uses physical strength
  • A lot of things to memorize
  • It requires teamwork, you can’t fit in if you don’t learn to cooperate
  • You get to handle complaints from customers
  • (Depends on the store.) Some people can be absent on their shifts.

Personal view is that the customer base at fine dining establishments is of a higher caliber and more generous and kind! Additionally, many of the employees are polite and educated… However, low-cost eateries like izakayas are the best venues to meet new people.

  1. Manufacturing industry

The author worked in a manufacturing company, which is frequently viewed as a one-day, short-term part-time job. The following are the advantages and disadvantages based on both one-day and long-term work!


  • There are some places where hourly wages are very high.
  • The work is easy
  • Almost no communication is needed.
  • You can be absorbed in your thoughts


  • Monotonous and tiring work.
  • Requires to work more than one shifts
  • Single shift has fixed working hours.
  • May be required to work under deplorable conditions

All of the above make this a perfect spot for someone who dislikes interacting with others and just wants to earn a little extra money!

  1. Services

Receptionists and information desk staff would fall under the service industry category. Numerous individuals may seek jobs in this industry in the near future. It might be a good idea to try it as a part-time job once.


  • You can learn polite japanese expressions and manners
  • Fun for people who like to talk to others.
  • A lot of opportunity to use a second language
  • (Depending on the nature of the job) It doesn’t require a lot of physical strength.
  • Increased knowledge


  • Difficult to get hired
  • Should exercise caution while using language
  • A lot of things to memorize
  • It’s difficult if you don’t have proper telephone manners

Students studying English will find the service industry to be an ideal atmosphere. Because there are so many foreign tourists in the city center, you will need to know English if you work there. Working in the service industry in the city center is definitely a good way to earn money and improve your English.

There are many more job types besides the five mentioned above. Trying out a part-time job and determining if it’s a good fit will lead to full-time employment. Be courageous and apply for part-time jobs you are interested in!

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