Language Exchange Workshops (2022)

Writer: Karen W.

Editor: Theo F.

Translator: Theo F.

The 2022 Academic Year ended. The new 2023 academic year will start in April. Last academic year was a wonderful year for our Campus Globalization team. Thanks to all of you. Especially to those of you who took part in the six language exchange workshops we had during the year, thank you for coming along and making it all worthwhile! Through this article, we hope that we can spark your interest in participating in one of our intercultural workshops in the future.

1 (Spring) Language Diversity ~Key for Mastery~

During this cross-cultural exchange, the participants discussed the languages they had acquired and discussed what they needed to do to learn a language. The participants had a wide range of first languages, and the focus was on the differences and similarities with other languages they had learnt, making them more familiar with other languages.

Due to rain and train delays, the number of participants was low on this day. However, the participants actively engaged in the discussion and it was very lively and informative.

2 Difference in Perspective

(Link to the poster:

Through this language exchange workshop, we learnt that the way we see colors changes depending on our culture and personal experiences! I learnt that the impression of colors varies greatly from country to country and culture to culture – I used to think that the rainbow had seven colors, but in other countries it has two or eight. I also deepened my cross-cultural understanding by focusing on how different languages and generations have different ideas and perspectives.

3 (Fall) World’s Children Games

(Short video of the actual event:

So many people from diverse backgrounds took part in this cross-cultural exchange! We shared many games such as how to play cards, tag and other childhood games, and compared how these games are called differently depending on the country and culture. Overall, it was a very interesting experience as we got to learn about childhood games in different countries.

4 Urban Legends

(Link to the poster:

(Promotional videos:

The promotional reel videos for this language exchange workshop were quite unique! A wide range of cultures were shared, from Japanese urban legends to stories about dark organizations around the world. The organization ‘Freemasonry’ is very well known in Japan and it was very interesting to hear stories about it.

5 Beauty Standards

(Short video of the actual event:

This language exchange workshop dealt with recent topics such as ‘lookism’ and ‘beauty diversity’. The participants compared the differences in attitudes towards beauty between Europe and Asia, and shared information on various topics such as make-up and clothing.

6 Prom and Karaoke Night

(Short video of the actual event:

On the day of the event, we had a karaoke competition – a Japanese tradition, and a dance prom – a western tradition. We shared unique cultural traditions and had people who were crowned kings and queens of the prom and karaoke events! Thank you very much for making the event so exciting. The songs and dances were very beautiful.

In 2022, we were able to organize six intercultural exchange workshops. In 2023 we plan to organize more interesting events where you can compare cultures, values and ways of thinking of people from different countries! Please look forward to them! You are welcome to register for the events via the QR code on the posters or just turn up on the day. 

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