Interview with the Cultural Federation Executive

Writer: Karen W.
Editor: Aika M.
Translator: Ezekiel K.

Hello everyone. How did you make the most of your time at college this past academic year? At the ceremony where I graduated from high school, I was told that “college students should try everything.” In response to this advice, I joined a group that was named “ESS,” despite the fact that I was terrible at English. Sometimes, the more senior members of “ESS,” which I was a part of, would say things like, “I’m going to a meeting of the Cultural Union Executive Committee. So, tell me, what exactly is this “Cultural Union Executive Committee” and how does it function? In order to obtain this information, I was granted the opportunity to speak with the head of the “Cultural Union Executive Committee.”

To start with, the “Cultural Union Executive Committee” is one of the four student organizations at TIU that appear to be known as “Quattro Arra” (four wings in Italian). The “Quattro Arra” comprises the “Executive Committee of the Cultural Union” and three more organizations: the Athletic Association Headquarters, the School Festival Committee, and the Student Association Executive Committee. These four groups (wings) respect students’ perspectives, provide entertainment for students, cultivate the futures of students, and enhance Tokyo International University. If you would like additional information, please visit the following page. Additionally, this material is available in the document library of POTI under Students, 030 Student Life, 2022 Quattro Arra.pdf.

1. Introduction of the Leaders of the Cultural Coalition Executive Committee
First, let me introduce the leaders of the Cultural Union Executive Committee.

*I only asked questions that could be answered, so as to avoid a violation of the privacy of personal information of my interviewee. These points are listed in bullet form below.

Name: Yuta Manaka

Year: the 4th year

Department of International Media Studies, Faculty of International Relations

How I joined the Cultural Coalition Executive:

I was invited by a senior member of the club I belonged to at the time.

I had more opportunities to talk with the chairpersons of each activity, the Student Affairs Division, the Student Association Executive Committee, and the School Festival Executive Committee, and I learned about the events that each organization holds and what goes on behind the scenes.

The process of serving as a leader:
I was recommended by the previous chair of the committee.

Leadership Preparedness:
To do activities moderately and loosely so as not to burden the members.

2. [Question] What kind of organization is the Cultural Coalition Executive Committee?

Activities and tasks:
To maintain contact between the Student Affairs Division and each activity, and to
communicate with each activity regarding matters of communication, questions, and
urging of documents to be submitted, etc., so that the activities of the clubs can run
smoothly. Regularly hold events such as training camps and ball game tournaments.
Hold regular meetings once a month to share information about the club’s activities and the
the student affairs office.

The number of people involved in the activity: approx. 20

Period of activity: All year round

The organization’s action policy:
To ensure that club activities run smoothly, accurate communication is made, and
events such as training camps and ballgame tournaments are held to strengthen the
connections between the various activities.

3. PR for the Cultural Federation’s Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Cultural Federation holds events such as training.
camps and ball game competitions for clubs belonging to the Cultural Department. It is a valuable opportunity to interact with club members who are engaged in a variety of activities.
Thank you for reading this far. What do you think? Did you get a sense of what the “Cultural
Union Executive Committee” does? When I was participating in club activities in casual
manners, I learned for the first time that there are people who support these activities. If you are interested, please join the club activities.

This is a group photo from a ball game held in 2021.

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