Autumn of Sports

Writer: Saki N.
Editor: Karen W.
Translator: Ezekiel K

Hello everyone. How are you doing now that the summer heat wave is over and it’s getting cooler in the mornings and evenings? Now is the time of year when the sweet autumnal fragrance known as kinmokusei can be smelled near school gates and in the city streets. There is a tradition in Japan called “Autumn for Sports.” During this time of year, many sport meets and competitions take place in different parts of the country.

  1. Origin of “Autumn of Sports”

First, I would like to explain how the term “Autumn of Sports” came to be. This origin is closely related to the “Tokyo Olympics” and “Sports Day.”

On October 10, 1964, the Tokyo Olympics were held. This is because, according to historical data, there was a very high likelihood that the weather in Japan would be pleasant on this day. After the Olympics, Sports Day, a national holiday, was established on October 10 to celebrate this day. (Sports Day is now observed during the second week of October.) Since the Tokyo Olympics and the foundation of Sports Day, several sports-related activities have been organized in September and October in various places, and this time period is said to have become widely known as “Sports Autumn.”


  1. Three Advantages of Exercising in the Fall

Next, we will discuss three benefits of exercising during Fall.

The first is to raise the internal body temperature. To increase body temperature, it is essential to exercise, increase muscle strength, and boost metabolism. When the body’s metabolism improves, immune cells are activated, making it less susceptible to illness.

The second goal is to combat obesity. When a person develops an exercise routine and gains muscle mass, their metabolism increases. As the basal metabolic rate increases, the amount of energy required for daily activities rises, and the body should adapt to a state where fat is burned more efficiently.

Thirdly, It reduces stress. Not only does exercise alleviate stress, but it also helps build a body and mind that are resistant to stress. Continued exercise provides a steady supply of serotonin and endorphins, which help stabilize the mind and are believed to alleviate stress and fatigue.

Without you even realizing it, stress can build up in your daily life due to things like homework and classes. In order to maintain your mental health, you should engage in moderate exercise. In addition, autumn mornings are chilly, so you may be reluctant to leave your futon or room. However, once you step outside, the warm sunlight and the sweet scent of the golden osmanthus will be awaiting you, so please try to move your body after a delicious autumn meal! 

(Please note that the above information may vary from person to person.)


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  1. Facilities and parks

Last, we’ll talk about the facilities at TIU and two parks close to the university where you can enjoy autumn.

First, the second campus of Tokyo International University features a weightlifting field, a training room, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as tennis courts. In the training room, students can engage in basic exercises as well as advanced and functional ones. Physical education and club activities are also conducted on the basketball and volleyball courts. Physical education classes and official garden tennis club activities utilize a total of eight tennis courts, complete with lighting equipment. It is possible that many students who use Campus 1 are unaware of these facilities. Students who are interested are encouraged to enroll in classes and clubs.


Next, we will introduce parks within close proximity to the university

The first is Kawagoe Suijo Koen (Kawagoe Water Park). To get there, take a 15-minute walk from Nishi-Kawagoe Station on the JR Kawagoe Line, or take the Seibu Bus bound for Kasumino from Kawagoe Station or Hon-Kawagoe Station, and get off at “Suijo Koen Iriguchi” (10-minute walk to the park). The vast grounds of this park are its main draw. There are lawn areas, futsal and table tennis fields, walking trails, tennis courts, and other amenities. Visitors can also view the autumn leaves. Autumn leaves symbolize autumn in Japan, so after a picnic on the lawn, it would be nice to play sports or go for a walk while watching the leaves change color.


Second is the Kawagoe Exercise Park (Kwagoe Undo Koen). To get there, take a bus from Kawagoe Station on the JR Tobu-Tojo Line or Hon-Kawagoe Station on the Seibu-Shinjuku Line headed for Kawagoe Undo Koen. Get off at Towamu Koedo Hospital and walk 10 minutes toward Ageo Station West Exit. This park has a grassy area, tennis courts, and an athletic field. So, it would be fun to play tennis, go jogging, play badminton, or catch a ball in the square while being aware of your surroundings.


Thank you for reading this far. In this article, I introduced “Autumn for Sports.” Autumn is a lovely season, with warm sunshine and a light breeze. Please enjoy a healthy fall, both physically and mentally, by engaging in moderate exercise..

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