Tips for Spending the Rainy Season Comfortably

Writer: Karen W.
Editor: Kurooto B.
Translator: Juri A.

Hello, everyone. The weather has been so unstable that it starts to rain and clear up even during the day. Are you living comfortably? People recognize there are 4 seasons in Japan in general. However, did you know there was a concealed season “Tsuyu(梅雨)” from the end of spring to the beginning of summer? Tsuyu is just around the corner. It is getting time for you to enjoy the Japanese humid and gloomy weather, which is peculiar to this season. When this season approaches the end, then  Japanese summer starts off finally.  Until then, don’t you want to spend a humid and cloudy rainy season more comfortably even if it is only slightly? Some people who support it positively might say “Thanks for a rainy season to moisturize my throat!”, but this is an extremely minor case. I, the author of this article, had an interview with someone who has lived in Japan for a long time to have some tips for living a more comfortable life during Tsuyu in Japan. Therefore, I share some tips from them in this article.

In the first place, what season is Tsuyu like? Japan meteorological agency’s website gave specific information and definition of Tsuyu, so let’s go look at the truth about Tsuyu. “Tsuyu is a seasonal atmosphere that frequently emerges from clouds and rain during the season changing from spring to summer.”    『梅雨(つゆ)は春から盛夏への季節が移り変わる時期に雨や曇りの日が多く現れる季節現象です。』

(Reference) 高松地方気象台 梅雨 2022/05/27 15:33時点 The rainy season appearantly begins from about the end of May to the middle of June in all the prefectures except for Okinawa. There will be heavy rain as soon as the rainy season starts, so an umbrella and rain gear are likely to become your daily necessities to bring with.

(Reference) 2022年「梅雨入り予想」九州は梅雨入り早々大雨 6月には四国・本州も雨の季節 2022年05月26日16:25


  The CG team collected questionnaires from the Instagram users who follow our official account @tiu_sli. What do other people do to prepare for the Rainy season?

 I am going to share 5  ideas from the questionnaires in this article.

①Check a weather forecast 

 You need to check the weather forecast frequently because it tends to rain and change the weather during the day in Tsuyu. Even if you checked it in the morning and said no rain today, it can turn to rain out of the blue when you are on your way home. Therefore, to prevent getting wet by a sudden rain, catching up with the weather, and being ready with an umbrella and towel on hand would be perfect.



There is rarely a sunny day during Tsuyu and rain usually lasts for a week. However, you can not just simply ignore your pile of washing clothes. You can dry your laundry in the bath, which has a dehumidifier. In case you do not have it and drying with an air conditioner that can set up the timer is highly recommended. You have to be careful setting up the timer properly and turning on a cooler, otherwise, it would be half-dried and the electoral fee goes up.


A humid rainy season makes your hair frizzy and hard to tackle and style your hair. In this case, an iron and dryer help to come off the humidity on your head and style with hair oil. These methods make your hair even smoother. For those who have fringe hair and have a favorite hairstyle, your hairstyle would easily come off even if you concrete your hair with wax. Therefore, it is important to have a stressful hairstyle during Tsuyu.

Wearing a bandana and hats are recommended because it is easy to put your hair up and it looks fashionable.

④Going to Coffee

 Rainy days make you feel gloomy to go out but it is boring to stay at your home. If you are so, then it would be good to go to a library and cafe where you can keep your rain out. Some shops have a special discount for only a rainy day and you can stay cozy and more comfortable than usual. This is recommended to refresh your mood.

⑤Changing the air

Humidity goes quite high during Tsuyu in any case so that makes you hesitate to open the window. However, the temperature goes up and that makes mold easily if you keep the window closed. Also, it is effective to take a humid away by putting the desiccant in the cabinet or leaving the ventilation far turn on.

 Thank you for reading until the end. What is your memory of Tsuyu like? There would not be many sunny days and the damp weather so you may be feeling down. It would be my pleasure if any of the tips introduced in this article went practical and you could spend your rainy season comfortably. Await for the next upcoming article!

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