Living Alone ~Supermarkets in Kasumigaseki

Author: Souma. Y
Writer: Karen W.
Translator: Ezekiel. K

Do you frequently visit a supermarket? (Also refers to Supa.) Supermarkets provide a vast range of foods and daily necessities, which makes life easier. This article will compare the features of the supermarkets “LawsonStore100,” “YAOKO,” “TAIRAYA,” and “Belc,” all of which are located near Kasumigaseki train station. We will provide you with information on how to choose the best supermarket for your daily needs. Please take a look! Also, we have put together a set of articles with information that might be useful for “living alone.” Kindly check the additional “Living Alone” articles as well.

Lawson Store 100″ (4-minute walk from Kasumigaseki Station)

The first one is “Lawson Store 100.” Perhaps you might be wondering to yourself, “Isn’t it a convenience store?” The answer to your question is “yes.” But when you think about the four things below, it’s not surprising that “Lawson Store 100” can also be called a supermarket.

  • Open 24 hours a day
  • It’s 100 yen and affordable, making it simple to use.
  • Basic necessities are available.
  • There is a Matsumotokiyoshi next door.

Since Lawson Store 100 is the nearest grocery store to TIU, you can visit it if you forget to buy lunch or if you suddenly find yourself in need of some groceries.

YAOKO” (3 minutes walk from Kasumigaseki Station)

My next introduction is “YAOKO.” In the fall of 2021, a new supermarket called “YAOKO” was opened. You have undoubtedly visited there at least once, given that it is close to Kasumigaseki Station. It has the following three key characteristics

  • Freshly prepared side dishes are served.
  • (Lunch Box goes on sale from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.)
  • It has a hair salon available.
  • Photographs, ATM, courier service, wheelchairs, etc. are available.

This “YAOKO” appears to provide nearly all the services that students might require. For those who live on the north exit side of Kasumigaseki Station, the best feature is that it is convenient to get to school because it is close to the station.

TAIRAYA” (12 minutes walk from Kasumigaseki Station)

Following that, I’d like to introduce “TAIRAYA” supermarket. Various apartments and mansions are located close to “TAIRAYA,” so many of you who are reading this article probably shop at this supermarket frequently. This supermarket has three main features.

  • All relatively inexpensive
  • There is a general merchandise store.
  • There is a 100-yen store.

This “TAIRAYA” is relatively distant from Kasumigaseki Station, but it has more than enough beauty to make the trip worthwhile. As stated previously, the costs at this grocery store are lower than those at other stores. Vegetables and chicken thighs are among the many goods available at discounted prices. Also, the general merchandise section has a lot of things that you can’t buy at other supermarkets. It seems likely that this is a supermarket that Kasumigaseki residents may want to check out.


The last one is “Belc.” If you live close to Matoba Station, this supermarket might be a suitable choice for you since it is only a 9-minute walk from Matoba Station but a 20-minute walk from Kasumigaseki Station. “Belc” is distinguished by the following two characteristics:

  • A money-back guarantee system is available.
  • The local vegetable area creates a sense of confidence by allowing customers to view fresh produce and the farmers who grew them.

Also, it’s interesting that they are working on reducing food waste and doing things to teach people about the importance of food, as well as taking the SDGs into account.

After talking about what’s good about each supermarket, we’ll talk about how their loyalty card systems work. When you use these, you will undoubtedly save money.

At “Lawson Store100”, PONTA CARD is accepted. You can earn 1 yen in points for every 200 yen you spend with this card. You can also get more points by buying eligible items during the promotion’s time frame. At the counter, the accrued points are usable at will. 

At YAOKO is a YAOKO CARD, as its name suggests. Similar to the “PONTA CARD,” this card awards 1 yen worth of points for every 200 yen spent. However, when you earn 500 yen worth of points, a shopping voucher is printed on the receipt; therefore, you should not throw it away.

At TAIRAYA, there is a “HAPPY CARD.” This card, like the two preceding ones, is worth 1 yen for every 200 yen. When you earn 500 points with this card, you will receive a gift voucher for that amount. At the time of billing, accumulated points can be spent without restrictions. In addition, there is a recharge machine, which makes it easy to use electronic money.

The “Belc Card” is issued at “Belc.” Unlike the previous three cards, you earn 1 point per 100 yen spent. For every 200 yen spent using cashless payment, 1 point is awarded. When you acquire 500 points, you will receive a 500-yen gift certificate.

※ You can get these loyalty cards by asking the cashier or visiting the websites of the various supermarkets. They are free, and we would love to obtain one!

Now, how did it go? If you compare the supermarkets you usually shop at, don’t you find that each one has its own advantages? These supermarkets are essential for us students at Tokyo International University and the neighboring residents. I would be happy if everyone of you could utilize even a small amount of what you have learned in this article. I wish you all a pleasant shopping experience.

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