Recommended Campus Spots

Writer:Karen W.
Editor:Aika M.
Translator: Theo F.
Original Language:Japanese

 Hey there! Good job with getting the first half of the semester over with! Up until now, I have mainly been writing about Japanese culture, but today I would like to introduce some spots on campus where you can relax and hangout with friends! Since TIU has two campuses, let me first start with Campus 1!

1. Campus 1

  • The Cafeterias 

There are two cafeterias on Campus 1. The first is located on the second floor of Lecture Hall 1, and offers a wide variety of Asian Halal dishes. The other is located on the first floor of Lecture Hall 4, and offers a wide variety of Japanese food, including ramen, rice bowls, and omelets. Sofas come in different shapes at the cafeterias, making it a comfortable place to spend time with friends.

  • Japanese Plaza

Located on the second floor of Lecture Hall 2, the Japanese Plaza is easily accessible as it is connected to stylish wooden steps outside the building. Many students use this place to study. The plaza also hosts the International Exchange Office and the Japanese Culture Research Center.

  • Student Lounge

The Student Lounge sits behind Lecture Hall 1. Students usually use this place to eat, chat, and study. Since there are also relatively many international students hanging out here, the Student Lounge is a good place for students who might want to make friends with international students.

  • Open Spaces

There are benches in various places: in front of Lecture Hall 3, next to Lecture Hall 4, across the gymnasium, and in front of Lecture Hall 1. On days with good weather, these benches make for a pleasant place to enjoy time with friends.

2. Campus 2

  • The Cafeteria

Here you can enjoy a variety of dishes not available on Campus 1. This cafeteria, with its wide perimeter and long tables, makes a nice atmosphere to spend time in.

  • Student Lounge

Located below the library, the Student Lounge equips itself with comfortable chairs perfect for a relaxing afternoon.

To end, I would like to share some good spots for students who prefer peace and want to focus on their work.

Located on Campus 1, the English Plaza offers sessions with GTI teachers and plaza interns where you can practice your English. Services are available during weekdays from 11:40 to 17:00, so do not hesitate if you want to challenge yourself!

  • English Plaza Library

Hidden above the English Plaza, the library hosts a variety of books in different languages. You can also find the same library on Campus 2 and both libraries require student verification as you enter, so don’t forget your student ID! There are also many desks, making it a great place for students who want to study.

  • Grand Auditorium

The Grand Auditorium is the biggest “room” on campus and it is currently open for students who want to focus at a quiet place.

Thank you for reading until here! I hope that this article will make it easier for everyone who wishes to use TIU facilities! I hope you have an enjoyable time on campus and wish you luck in finding the best spot for yourself!