Social Media and Lifestyle

Author: Tomoya S.
Editor: Karen W. & Aika M.
Translator: Trang D.
Original Language: Japanese

Hello everyone. I would like to take this chance to talk about social media, something that we all use on a very frequent basis. One day when I was wandering around the school, I noticed that a lot of people were walking around with their cell phones in their hands without taking their eyes off them. From that experience, for this article, I decided to write about how people usually use social media.

First, let’s talk about “What are the purposes of using social media in Japan?”

Social media has been evolving rapidly, and there are now social media sites for all fields and types. The majority of social media users in Japan are in their 20s, teens, and 30s, indicating that many young people have been using social media. Speaking of their purpose of using social media, we find out that almost 80% of the respondents use it to communicate with their friends. Besides that, some of the main reasons mentioned were to kill time, to find people with similar interests, and to get updated as quickly as possible in fear of any emergency or disaster. I think that young people now are very tech-savvy, so using social media is not challenging to them at all.

The next question is: “What applications or social media sites do you use?”. After doing a survey among several people living in Japan, we have got the rankings as follows:

No. 1: Line  
No. 2: Twitter 
No. 3: Facebook 
No. 4: Instagram 
No. 5: Tik Tok 
No. 6: Pinterest 
No. 7: Snapchat 
No. 8: Others

As you can see, Line ranked first. As I mentioned earlier, the reason for this is that many people use it to communicate with their friends. As for the other applications, Twitter came in second, Facebook third, and Instagram fourth. What we can summarize from this is there are several platforms where you can post photos, videos and leave comments. Other than that, many people used them to look for sources of entertainment. For example, people who see someone’s photo and think “I want to go there” or “I want to share this moment and feeling” are all using the apps. Also, those who want to make friends with people from overseas tend to use Snapchat. To be more specific, in our school, TIU, there are not only several international students whose goal is to learn Japanese but there are also many of those who want to make friends with people from different countries. And indeed, the fastest and most common way to make friends is to exchange social media accounts and start conversations using those platforms.

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Finally, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using social media. The first advantage is that we can promptly get the information that we need. And the most convenient thing is the fact that we can share information with each other in a flash, from anywhere, at any time. To be more specific, not only can we send out information, advertise, but we can also share our hobbies and interests.

However, we cannot overlook the disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that there is so much information being posted on social media, and it is really difficult to know which one is true and which one is false. In addition, even if you want to make friends online, there are many concerns over whether your privacy is protected and whether the other person does exist.

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Reading until here, what are your thoughts on social media? I think social media definitely has a lot of advantages, but along with that, many disadvantages. Finding a balance and keeping your social media usage at a moderate level are very important. I hope this article somewhat changed your opinion, and helped you reflect on your social media usage!