Slice of Life Writing Contest

Written by: Saki Arimoto
Editor: Trang Do

Every semester, the English Plaza Library Team organizes a Writing Contest on a timely theme where students can showcase their talents in writing and have their pieces read by other students. To know more about the contest, I invited one of the organizers and also an intern at EP Library, Avanthi, for an interview.

The Writing Contest has been a semester tradition for the EP Library team. They accept works in any style from students submitting anonymously. After the submission period, the team publishes all accepted pieces on their website so that the whole TIU community can enjoy and vote for the piece they like the most. Finally, the work that has the most votes would be hailed as the winning piece of the semester. As a consolation prize to all participants, all works are published as a physical book available in the Library so everyone can take a look at entries from previous semesters’ contests.

Last semester, with the Halloween theme, the contest attracted a great number of interesting pieces. This time, the organizers collectively decided to focus on a theme where students can be a bit more open to sharing, especially during this vulnerable period of time. They have named this theme “Slice of Life.” Avanthi, along with the team, thought that this was a topic many students can write about while at the same time, unleashing their creativity. Participants were encouraged to be as expressive as they wanted. 

This event garnered the most entries with a total of 16 impressive submissions. Among these, the most-voted piece of this semester was “Send to today me”, which we are featuring as follows!

If you are interested to see other entries of this semester’s contest, you can find them here. They will also soon be published in the form of a physical book that will be available in the library like previous entries so do not miss out on that!