What is ESS?

Written by Mika Arimoto
Edited by Saki Arimoto

Our university is well-known for its highly international environment that encourages more connection within the TIU community through services such as E-Plaza Team’s Peer English Practice or PEP service and J-Plaza’s Conversation Partners. Speaking of learning languages, we have a club that promotes English learning outside the classroom. This club is none other than the English Speaking Society or ESS club. I interviewed Tomoya and Kazuki, two members of the club, to share with us what ESS is.

Kazuki Saito (President of E.S.S. and English Communication Major

Tomoya Suzuki (2nd year, also English Communication Major)

According to Kazuki Saito, E.S.S. is a club that allows students from both E-track and J-track students to participate in activities like discussions and debates. He is the current president, and Caisa, an E-track student from Sweden, is the vice president. Currently, they have 50 J-Track students and 10 E-Track students. 

Kazuki: We joined E.S.S. mainly to improve our English ability as knowing English will be a great advantage for good career opportunities. We also heard from our senpais about the activities which sparked an interest in us. We also thought it was a great opportunity to make friends.

Tomoya: We can tell that E.S.S. has greatly helped us with our English ability. During meetings, we do icebreakers and discussions. For discussions, we are divided into small groups where we discuss different topics such as travel, films, and the like with the use of English. These activities also allowed us to meet people not just from J-track but also from E-track. These definitely expanded our knowledge of cultures from different countries.

Annually, TIU ESS collaborates with other ESS clubs in other universities in Japan which allows them to grow their network outside the university. Furthermore, they also hold the “Freshman Speaking Contest” every year, and will take place this coming July 10.

Due to coronavirus, the club has been holding their meetings online. They have adapted to using Zoom, and experience inevitable connection problems that cause some members to sound “choppy.”  On a brighter note, they found it interesting to see people’s homes abroad.

“E.S.S. is a very casual club where you can make friends and improve your English skills which will be beneficial in future careers. You will be able to maximize your university life and meet people from different countries! We meet every Tuesday and Friday 5:30-7:30 pm. We hope to see you there!”

Special thanks to Kazuki and Tomoya for participating in our interview! Lastly, to those who are interested in joining, make sure to follow their Instagram @tiu_esgram.