E-Plaza’s Survival Night

Author: Blazee
Editor: Saki Arimoto
Translator: Kotoko

E-Plaza (EP) recently held their event called ‘Survival Night’ on May 13, 2021 via Zoom. The survival event was a series of different and unique activities and games where all the participants contributed and had a pleasant time. They were given an opportunity to meet and connect new people and befriend them.

The event began with an ice-breaking session led by one of the organizing EP staff through a wheel game. The wheel game operated via an algorithm of a program that chose a random question and assigned it to each participant to answer, letting them know a bit more about one another before starting the main content of the survival night.

The theme of the event was set in such a way that the participants were left on a deserted island and had to earn points in coconut units to buy basic survival kits and then to escape from the island. Everyone was provided with 5 mini games where they were able to score coconuts for every correct answer with a group effort.

The order of the games was as follows:

  1. Identify the song: This was the first game where participants were asked to listen to the initial section of some shortlisted songs. They were then asked to identify the song and the singers.
  2. True or False: In this game, some information regarding Japan was given to everyone. The participants’ task was to guess whether the given information was true or false.
  3. Family Feuds: This was a tricky challenge where some hints were given to the participants and based on that hint, they were tasked to guess 10 objects closest to the given hint.
  4. Scavenger Hunt: This was an interesting game because this stage was to know how organized or well prepared everyone was for any foreseen or unforeseen situations. The game proceeded as one of the EP staff of the Survival Night asked participants to show certain things they have such as a water bottle, hand sanitizer and so on. In this stage, coconuts were distributed accordingly.
  5. Trivia about the World: This game was about universal knowledge of the participants. Randomly picked questions were asked and 4 possible options were provided each. Participants were supposed to tell the correct answer from among the provided options in order to earn extra coconuts.

Finally, the last things to do were counting the total number of coconuts earned and using them to buy survival equipment.

After the event ended, some staff were interviewed regarding the survival night. There were lots of insights gathered among which can be read below:

Hai: Every challenge we encountered conducting this event was pre-expected and we were completely prepared to handle it but when we found out how happy and connective it was to the participants, we had to let them enjoy some more and so the event was a bit longer than originally expected.

Victoria: Everything was prepared well and so working hard and seeing all those happy faces made us proud of our efforts. The scavenger hunt was the most interesting game for me because it allowed us to witness how prepared some were and how funnily humorous most were by their shown material.

As for me, I personally made many friends and got to learn many new things. I am glad I joined the event and hope to see similar programs hosted by EP in the coming days.

The event was able to accomplish multiple agendas, including connecting the participants to EP staff, as well as fellow students whom they were completely unknown to. The event also allowed students to escape from all the stress they may have, and this is being said only after the level of participation and enjoyment of the audience from both E-track and J-track was observed. I was present at the event to observe but the level of excitement and joy was so high that I was unable to resist the attraction. Before I knew it, I was participating actively, as well. As an observer and a participant, I felt this night to be a wonderful one and a complete success for the EP event organizing members.