Author: Blazee
Editor: Saki Arimoto

Are you a big fan of TED talks, or perhaps, interested in organizing a TEDx event and expanding your circle of friends in TIU? If your answer is yes, keep reading to read the opportunities TEDxTIU, a new varsity club, provides to the TIU community.

TEDxTIU is an organization established by a number of TIU students for the purposes of connecting other students within TIU, helping them unleash their talent, and encouraging every individual to express themselves. This is especially for students who want to share their ideas but have no platform to do so. No need to worry anymore as TEDxTIU got you covered.

I interviewed some of the students who were involved in TEDxTIU last semester and this is what they had to say…

Bhutmee, who attended some of the workshops TEDxTIU organized, says, “TEDxTIU gives you the platform to expose yourself and make new friends.”

Mika, a member of the TEDxTIU team, says, “One thing I love about TEDxTIU is that the members in the club are filled with passionate people. Initially, I joined TEDxTIU to make more friends and also to meet speakers in TEDx events. However, after working with the team during our main event last semester, I was overwhelmed by the people I was working with. Some of them are my friends but I was surprised by their professionalism. I realized that I wanted to be like them. I want to be passionate about something. TEDxTIU allowed me to be myself and sooner, I found myself enjoying being part of the team.”

Saki, the president of the club, says: “I initially thought of organizing a TEDx event which is very fitting to our highly diverse TIU community. While it took me and a few friends establishing the organization, we were able to form a circle and now, a varsity club, that I believe has helped a great number of students to use and develop their talents and skills, as well as make great bonds despite language barriers and diverse backgrounds. Through TEDxTIU, I, on behalf of the organizing team, hope to make a platform where the TIU students can share and hear new and great ideas through TEDx events, along with small workshops for self-development.”

              Last December, the TEDxTIU organizing committee organized a TEDx event called “Countdown” held virtually to address and understand the climate crisis. Six notable speakers had their own original TEDx talks on topics that matter but are not heard by many. Hosted by eloquent and humorous emcees, the event most certainly provided a unique experience for the TIU community, alongside some cool performances. You can still watch the recording via this link:

              TEDxTIU is still growing and slowly taking root in TIU. Given the opportunities and platform by the group, you should definitely join the events and workshops by TEDxTIU and give yourself a chance to be a part of something wonderful and life-changing.