Fashion Trends on Campus

Author: Theo F.
Editor: Saki Arimoto

Here at Kawagoe, Saitama, the temperature is gradually rising as we head into Golden Week. But what has everyone been wearing? Let’s check it out.

The season that symbolises new beginnings and is represented by cherry blossom trees in Japan – spring – has arrived. One Thursday morning, I woke up to the blissful sunlight and found myself stumbling upon a strange urge to investigate the spring fashion trend on our international campus. I put on my favourite white hoodie and left home before I would forget.

Straightaway, I reached out to a freshman majoring in International Relations (IR) elegantly sitting on a bench waiting for her next class. Equipped with a light shirt purchased online, GU denim pants, and a grey Michael Kors purse, Hina explained that she had bought her whole outfit back in her hometown of Fukaya, Saitama. The outfit had cost her around ¥30,000, with the purse occupying most of it.

My next interviewee was Eharu, a junior, also majoring in IR. He was wearing a Ciatre-branded verdant shirt with a white undershirt and some blue denim jeans. Eharu pointed out that spring reminds him of pastel colours, which is how he decided on his outfit. In total, the outfit cost him around ¥15,000.

Subsequently, I interrupted an IR freshman and requested a picture as she was heading to class. Lissonia had put on her prized vibrant cherry blossom dress and an azure denim jacket for extra touch. She briefed me on how she got the dress for €30 (¥4,000) from H&M and how it has lasted her forever. The dress was her go-to, as she could “dress-up, dress-down, and have some cocktail” with it. Including her Pull&Bear denim jacket, the outfit cost her ¥6,500.

As I searched for my next interviewee, I came across a pair of first-years, Meiri and Aika, both from the Department of Language Communication. Meiri and Aika both chose to wear refreshing white tops and pastel lower garments as they were comfortable. They informed me that they had each spent around ¥3,000.

After taking a short break, I encountered Yuuki, a third year from the School of Commerce. He was dressed with a stylish Zara leather jacket, a tidy innershirt, and a pair of GU jeans. Yuuki mentioned that breezy weather compelled him into choosing this free and easy style. The outfit cost him around ¥17,000.

I conducted my seventh interview next to the fountain with Monisha, who fashionably donned her thin jacket and denim jeans from Uniqlo. She had purchased her outfit with the low price of ¥1300. The Digital Business and Innovation (DBI) sophomore remarked that the advantage of wearing thin jackets is that they are removable, especially since the spring days are getting warmer.

Our second duo of the day were Nara, an IR sophomore, and Eric, a Business Economics (BE) senior. Nara was wearing a $10 (¥1,080) blue top handed down from her sister and a pair of fancy heels she got for ¥5,500. Meanwhile, Eric had equipped a white hoodie from Thailand, some Champs shorts, and a pair of precious Nikes. Nara proclaimed that the breezy sunny days had made her want to go with something that “highlights her girly side,” while Eric had just wanted to display his love for hip-hop music. The outfits cost Nara ¥8,700 and Eric ¥20,000.

As the day was coming to an end, Austin – a sophomore majoring in DBI – appeared before me. He was sporting a Uniqlo wine-red shirt, some H&M off-white shorts, and a pair of Clarks. Austin illustrated that since he was raised in Hawaii, he loves wearing shorts on warmer days. In total, the outfit cost around ¥6,500.

Organising these interviews reminded me of how diverse it is to study at an international university, where each and everyone of us has our own unique traits and qualities – not limited to fashion trends. On the other hand, it is equally intriguing to note the similarities among us – putting on comfortable pastel colours to the advent of spring. It makes me look forward to my first summer in Japan, at the same time with the realization that I need to step up my fashion game.

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