Back to School (Spring 2021 ed.)

Author: Sandali N.
Editor: Tin D.

“I was so happy to hear that the university is planning to have most of the classes in person for spring.”

Since the last two consecutive semesters were conducted online and we didn’t get a chance to visit the university at all. As the pandemic continued to spread, the steps taken were definitely necessary.

However, one thing that I missed the most is interacting with people.

Before the pandemic, we were able to talk with our fellow students face-to-face, participate in the extracurricular activities and enjoy in-person classes. Now that I went through one full academic year in front of a screen, I realized how crucial social interaction was for students.

Fortunately, starting from this spring semester, we will be able to study on-campus again. This is definitely great news for me personally but let us not forget that the pandemic has not come to an end, especially in Japan, where cases of infection continue to exist.

Therefore, let us also not forget to follow the necessary safety measures under this “new normal” not just for our own sakes, but also for others. This means that we need to remember the “Three Cs” (Closed spaces, Crowded spaces, Close-contact settings), remember to wear masks, to sanitize your hands and to follow the steps required by the school.

Regarding how courses are being approached this semester, there will be in-person classes, online classes and on-demand classes. Online classes and on-demand classes will be mainly for students who won’t be able to enter japan due to the entry restrictions, whilst in-person classes will be arranged with utmost care to ensure that no one is infected. For more details, you can refer to TIU official announcements on POTI.

When it comes to the activities that we can take part in, although details may vary, the SLI teams will continue to operate so places such as English Plaza and services such as Peer Assistant will be available. For clubs and circles activities, there has not been official announcements yet from TIU, but I am feeling positive about this. And in order to keep closer eyes to those extracurricular activities and to enrich your college life here in TIU, you can ask the Students Affairs Office directly or follow each group’s official SNS account.

With all of the above kept in mind, let us prepare to go back to school.

Looking forward to seeing both old and new faces!