Virtual Graduation Ceremony for the Class of Spring 2021

Author: Saki Arimoto
Editor: Hang

March has passed and so has the graduation ceremony. This year, as the ceremony was held virtually, however, it was a bit different. Continue reading below as we walk you through this year’s special ceremony!

Undoubtedly, this year’s graduating class might have been said to have the toughest time of their lives. With the prospect of “new normal” seeping into every part of life, the process of job-hunting, internships, part-time jobs, as well as the new etiquette of socializing and leisure activities has got these new graduates jump on a wild ride in their last semesters. Nonetheless, they have managed to pull through, and it surely is an achievement that calls for celebration. 

Due to Covid-19, Tokyo International University has decided to hold the ceremony online, keeping in mind the safety of everyone, especially the graduates. Understanding student’s apprehension and excitement for an online graduation ceremony, the university had tried their hardest to organize a special ceremony that kept the same grandiosity as previously held in-person graduation ceremonies.

Taking place on March 13, the ceremony began with Chancellor and Chair Kurata Nobuyasu’s touching and motivational message for the graduates, followed by President Shuhei Shiozawa’s speech, giving more advice for the new life chapter to our new graduates. Participants were deeply moved by their wise and caring words, that surely new graduates would remember and be grateful for. The ceremony then proceeded with a montage of photos of the graduating class participating in different activities in the background of our university hymn, bringing back the graduates’ feeling of nice nostalgia. 

A face-to-face graduation ceremony would have been wonderful; however, in the time of the pandemic, an online graduation ceremony such as this surely is not a letdown. The university had also sent out the nicely packaged diploma along with small gifts as a token of appreciation for this year’s graduating class so that they would not miss out.

In addition to this, the E-Track Alumni Association also organized a virtual meet-up where professors, alumni, and graduates gathered. Know more about this event here!

On behalf of all kouhai in TIU, if possible, I would like to congratulate the class of 2021 for not only graduating but also for overcoming some of the toughest challenges one can face in their lives! Such resilience is admirable. Despite not being there physically, we would like to celebrate everyone’s achievement in spirit and are also grateful for all the memories as well as advice. Lastly, we would like to wish TIU 2021 Spring Graduates all the best in their future endeavors and good health. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!