SLI Services

Updated April 30, 2023

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Campus Globalization (CG)

As a project-based team with bilingual members, Campus Globalization aims to facilitate culture exchange and promote globalization on campus.

Introducing Campus Globalization (2021)

Conversation Partners (CP)

Fluent in Japanese, the CP team works with Japanese learners to assist them with assignments or simply just for having daily conversations.

Japanese Plaza (2019)

Check out Japanese Plaza’s Instagram @japanese_plaza

English Plaza (EP)

The EP team mainly works at the English Plaza, guiding students to their PeP and lounge sessions. Fun events like the Game Night are often held by the team.

English Plaza (2021)

Check out their Instagram @tiu.englishplaza

English Plaza Library (EP-L)

English Plaza Library interns work at the library and help students with finding books. They also host themed Writing Contests each semester.

Peer Assistants (PA)

PA interns are bilingual; they assist new TIU students with settling down in Japan, and can help from bringing you to the city office to accompanying you to the hospital.

PA Online Game Event (2021)

Peer Advisers for Writing (PAW)

Peer Advisers for Writing offer advice for writing assignments and provide assistance for your academic studies here at TIU.

Every PAW Session Ever (2021)

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants help support student life and facilitate a fun time in the international TIU dorms.

COVID-19 Spread Prevention Tips
Message from Resident Assistants (2021)