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NovemberFall Semester ’21
December 1PAW Workshop (12:00~13:00)
December 9International Festival Briefing (13:15~)

The “Hello!” Movement

Greeting people opens up conversation and connects you with each other

Our Mission

Times of TIU is a platform where TIU students from various backgrounds and cultures can find a sense of unity and connection, despite physical constraints. We create content from articles to videos, bring you knowledge, and encourage discussions. We aim to share unique experiences and build a bridge that connects the all of us.

By Campus Globalization (SLI)

Campus Globalization (CG), one of the Student Leadership Internship (SLI) teams, is responsible for maintaining the quality of this official student-run TIU website. SLI is an entirely-student-run program, designed to give students a chance to earn real work and leadership experience throughout their studies. We, SLI interns, strive to give all TIU students the wonderful college life they deserve. Other teams include: English Plaza (EP), Peer Assistant (PA), English Plaza Library (EP Library), Peer Advisers for Writing (PAW) and Conversational Partners (CP)