Best sightseeing spots near TIU

Writer : Tomoya S.
Editor : Karen W., Aika M.
Translator: Trang, D.

1, What is a landscape?

 Hello everyone. For this article I am going to tell you some of the best sightseeing spots around TIU.

 First of all, do you all know the difference between “scenery, landscape, and landscape”? Let me explain what I mean by “scenery/landscape/landscape. 

「景色」A “scenery” refers to “a view of the general appearance of things or a view of nature.”

「風景」A “landscape” refers to “the overall view into the field of vision.

「景観」A “landscape” refers to “the landscape and its scenery combined.”

 Therefore, what you casually see and think “that’s a nice view” is a “landscape”. Ultimately, the difference between “scenery/landscape/landscape” is the difference between having a purpose in “looking” at it.

References: What is the difference in meaning between scenery, landscape, sight, and scene? And the correct usage of the word | BELCY

2, TIU students told me! ~where you can get a good view around the school! ~ ~

 We asked TIU students where they could see nice scenery around their school, and the results are as follows. We will introduce them in a ranking format.

Ranking: 1.

 No. 1: Terrace on the third floor of Building No. 2

 No.2: ”Kozenmizutosato Park”Riverbed between Kasumigaseki and Kawagoe City

 No. 3: ”Oisezukai Park”Park near Starbucks in the direction of Matoba

 The place with the best view chosen as No. 1 is “the terrace on the third floor of the school’s Building No. 2. The terrace on the third floor of the school’s No. 2 building was chosen for its “scenic view” and “nice view in the evening.

 The place with the best view chosen in second place was “the riverbed between Kasumigaseki and Kawagoe City. I asked the TIU surname, “Where can I see a view outside the school?” When I asked, I was given the answer, “the riverbed.” There is a “riverbed” a short walk from TIU, where cherry blossoms and the river can be seen together in the spring. Personally, I feel that there are limited places around TIU where you can see nice scenery. However, unlike the city center, there are many places where you can easily feel nature, so if you walk somewhere away from TIU, you can reach a place where you can see a nice view.

 The third most scenic place is “Oisezuka Park”  park near Starbucks in the direction of Matoba. Although it is a bit of a walk from the school, we received feedback that the park right next to Starbucks near Matoba Station offers a nice view. Many TIU students answered that they “get take-out at Starbucks and then have a drink at the park,” especially in the spring when the temperature is just right.


3, TIU students told us! ~Feelings and emotions generated by the scenery, a break from studying

 As everyone may do, you all may feel something like “I can concentrate” when you see a “view” if it reminds you of something, relaxes you, or helps you to study there. When we asked various people about this, the majority of them answered in that way. Indeed, I thought that what the landscape brings to us is mainly a spiritual influence.

 Thanks for reading this article until here! In this article, I introduced some of the places around the school where you can get a good view, and what the view can do for you and what a view is in the first place. After reading this article, I hope you will all go see them to relax between studies or with your friends!

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