SLI Job Fair Fall 2020 – A Great Learning and Sharing Experience

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What is SLI Job Fair?

SLI Job Fair is an Student Leadership Internship (SLI) event featuring all 5 teams, E-Plaza, Campus Globalization, Peer Assistants, EP Library, and Peer Advisors for Writing, of the SLI community that is held every semester.

Participants have the chance to meet current SLI interns and SLI advisors, ask them for more information about each team’s responsibilities, and listen to their experiences in their internship journeys. 

It is an in-depth information session organized by SLI teams for those who wish to know more about SLI and are interested to become an SLI intern for upcoming semesters. This also becomes an opportunity  for the current SLI interns to share their stories and pass on the same positive experience to future interns. In fact, the author, who has been to SLI Job Fair for 3 semesters consecutively, has personally learned a lot and grown tremendously as an SLI intern.

What’s new with SLI Job Fair 2020?

Before the pandemic, the event was usually held in one of the lecture halls, and teams had their own spots where interested applicants can easily go to. Because of the COVID-19 situation and difficulty of travelling to other countries, the SLI Job Fair has been held online through Zoom since Spring 2020. Indeed, it was a challenge to move from offline to online, but this was a learning experience to all the organizers of the event in becoming more adaptable and flexible during the trying times. Learning from our experience last semester, we have come back more prepared for our Fall 2020 SLI Job Fair and it was a great success.

To promote the event, SLI interns poured their time and efforts in creating impressive different visuals such as posters and videos to promote the SLI Job Fair. Check them out below.

On Job Fair day, interns received so many comments and interests from their fellow students, and a number of them showed their determination of joining SLI next semester which made interns feel extremely appreciated. Read some of the interns’ testimonials below!

“Our booth was visited by 4 students today,” said Hayati from PAW. “They all looked very sharp and interested!”  

“[It] feels like a great achievement being a part of such an amazing event and getting to motivate our fellow students to become part of our beloved SLI community,” (someone from CG team) commented.

P/S: Make sure to join next semester’s SLI Job Fair, and experience a glimpse of how job fairs in Japan are organized!

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