First-ever Virtual Halloween Party led by the E-Plaza Team

Author: Tin D.
Editor: Tin D.

Someone said ‘Spooktober’?

During the event, midterms were upon many students, including me. Assignments continued to pile up, and so was our stress. However, there was also one very important thing to point out: it was around the end of Spooktober and HALLOWEEN was just around the corner.

And in order to relieve everyone at least temporarily from their busy schedules, our wonderful E-Plaza staff organized one of their yearly big events, the Halloween Party. During this two-hour virtual event, people are free to enter, leave any activities or games facilitated by the EP interns. A number of activities were held simultaneously at a time in separate breakout rooms. Having said that, I missed some of the fun but fret not as I made sure to include all games in the article.

Here are the activities held during the event.

Scavenger hunt

For this activity, we scavenge for certain items surrounding us to share with everybody else. The more items you manage to gather, the more points you get. For example, if the questioner asks for a ‘textbook,’ then you should look around your room to find a ‘textbook’ and bring it with you on-screen. Although I was not able to participate (I was invested into the Pictionary game at the time), at the very last moment, I remember people were carrying vegetables in their hands. I suppose everyone is living healthily these days.


Online software used

In this game, participants take turns drawing whatever word was given on their screens (with the theme being Halloween of course), and the others guess what the word is. We did have a point system but honestly, everyone was just having fun, trying their hardest to draw using a mouse, and struggling to guess from the “amazing” illustrations made by my peers. At one point, I was given the word ‘abstract,’ and my visual expression was so ‘amazing’ that no one got it right (you gain points by having people make correct guesses).

No cringe contest

I skipped this contest, but I think it would be something along the lines of people trying not to cringe whilst doing not-so-normal behaviors to break the opponent’s will. That was my speculation. I decided not to participate because I knew I would have experienced internal suffering from all the cringe, although for sure I missed a lot of laughs and fun.

Granny’s House

game played

E-Plaza interns also facilitated a meeting for people to play a mobile game called “Granny’s House.” I heard that the game was about cooperating with other players to escape the “Granny’s House,” where you are locked in.

Haunted houses

I missed Granny’s House but I did join a trip to Haunted Houses. A virtual experience of haunted houses. We were watching videos featuring other people’s experiences through a screen. It was personally not scary (not sure with all of you), but I got to see a variety of props, jump scares, etc.

Ghost storytelling

I am not very good at storytelling verbally so during this activity, I was mostly listening to everyone’s ghost stories and giving reactions in the chat box. People were taking turns telling not only scary narratives, but also their own experiences with ghosts and such.

Bingo game

We also had a bingo game with each cell filled with either Halloween, E-Plaza, or recent trends-related phrases. At this point, the event was going towards its end, so this activity did help calming participants down after all the excitement.

Costume contest

The final activity was the long-awaited costume contest. Prior to the event, participants were required to send a submission of themselves in a Halloween costume. The organizers then would decide the top 3 winners. There were also prizes for the during-event costume contest. Although many people decided to have either light make-up or put on simple Halloween-like outfits, there were also some who really went all-out. One girl was dressed up as Himiko Toga in Boku no Hero Academia. She was so impressive.

Winner of the competition

Overall thoughts

This yearly event organized by EP team is usually held on campus, but due to the current situation, the EP team was adaptable enough to move it online. 

The event was nothing short of fun and amazing! At any point during the event, there were around 30~ people. A portion of participants, including me, was not showing faces, but that definitely did not take away the joy and the Halloween atmosphere at all. 

The on-campus event would have been great for sure, but still, the virtual was still beyond amazing, and I was able to meet GREAT people at a GREAT event. 

Looking forward to the next one!